New Term for Phtooshop School

The next Photoshop School sessions have just been announced this time it's a combination of Adds & Brochure design plus Beyond the Boudoir.
Mark Cleghorn is back on online with another series of his Photoshop schools. These online webinars allow you to learn live from your own home, tackling creative and advanced techniques as well as simple workflows.
Cleghorn, the author of PhotoShop In A Weekend has been teaching his Photoshop for Photographer techniques for over 10 years and has influenced tens of thousands of Photographers workflows allowing them to get back behind the camera by not being bogged down in manipulation.

What’s Next

Add & Brochure Design 7th January 2pm - 5.30pm (GMT)
This session looks at design ideas and helpful tips and tricks when working with text and images to make eye catching adds.
Content includes - Layers, Guides, Text and Effects, Washes and Textures, Layout, Groups, Presentation and Design, Colour Profiles, Production, Mono in Print
Beyond Boudoir  8th January 2pm - 5.30pm (GMT)
Sensual skin, simple smoothing skills and body enhancement is all a part of this session as Mark shows you the most incredible techniques for enhancing women.
Content includes - Skin Soften, Batch Finishing, Presets, Actions, Colour Boost, Edge Effects, onOne Photo Frame, Glows, Grainy Mono, Sepia, Liquify

To register or find out more information simply follow the this link 
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