Window light without a window!

We hope you all had a great Christmas!

Mark will often use the lastolite HiLite to create the look and feel of window light. This allowing you to shoot wherever and whenever you want! Today's new film on PT4U shows him doing just that!

In today's film "Window Light Nude" Mark is shooting window light nude in the studio, the model for this shoot is Raphaella who is a professional nude model. Marks set up is the Lastolite Hilite as his window light, have draped over some white netting to soften the light down, with a mixture of lighting and posing to create beautiful images sellable to the clients.

Mark is using the Hilite because it allows him to work any where weather its in the studio or on location at the clients home and give him guaranteed uniform lighting even though the Hilite is back with flash. Mark has measured the flash to f8 which will be his main working aperture.

Mark is shooting with the Canon 5D MKII shooting with his 24-105 lens and the settings on camera are f8 125/sec 100 iso.

To see the film and the great shots you can get from using this technique click HERE