Loxley Coulour Announce New Bellissimo Range

 Wow guys Loxley Colour have just announce that their Bellissimo Memento scale-down albums are now available for both the Bellissimo Apertura and the Bellissimo Artemis!
The new downsized Memento can be ordered at the same time as your main Bellissimo Classico, Perfetto, Apertura or Artemis album.

- The Bellissimo Apertura Memento album features the same clean layout of the original Apertura album, utilising a crisp white background to emphasise your images rather than a matted overlay format.

- The Bellissimo Artemis Memento album features the individual page layouts from the original combined into double-page spreads. Each Memento set follows the design of the Bellissimo Artemis, with a white end sheet facing a single printed page to start and finish your album.

They are digitally press printed on a modern matt finish paper and are available with a black leatherette cover and optional etching, supplied in packs of 2.

Each Memento Album is supplied in a hand-made linen drawstring bag and is available across all sizes of Bellissimo Classico, Perfetto, Apertura and Artemis albums.

Please refer to our price guide for all Memento downscaling options.