Off Camera Flash Workshop - Bristol 18th July

“My Fear of flash has gone forever – thanks Mark great workshop” – David Giles 2011
” OCF – its my new drug – can’t wait to put it all into pracice” – Angie Fathers – 2011″

JOIN MARK CLEGHORN ON THIS FULL DAY Portrait Practical Off Camera Flash Lighting WORKSHOP.
Date : Wednesday 18th July - Time : 9.30am - 5pm Location : Bristol

Shooting with portable flash can at times be a frustrating learning experience. On this course Mark gets you using flash like you have never done it before. The practical course gets you shooting straight away using both on and off camera flash for powerful portraits. Using a model the different setups are explained and then shot to demonstrate the techniques, this is when the delegates jump in. During each shoot several flash setups are in use to maximise the experience. Just bring your camera, lenses and a Speedlite and leave the rest to us. You will have an amazing time on this course and under the watchful eye of the Master of Flash.

This workshop covers everything from the setting up of the lighting, to some more advanced and funky styles for great looking portraits. So whether you are looking to "shoot for show or shoot for dough" as they say, you will go away with hands on practical experience in a variety of lighting styles and creative flash techniques,

The day is designed to educate you in the realm of lighting, allowing you to apply the skills in a basic or more advanced way following the workshop. Often Mark will take you out of your comfort zone and push your ability, no matter what your level of photography experience.

Course Topics Covered
Flash setups
Adding Drama
High Speed Synch
TTL & Manual Settings
5 Point Plan
1 Flash, 2 Flash 3 Flash, 4
Adding Drama - Creating Impact
Variety - Gels and EFX

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Each day also includes a follow up 1 hour online webinar dedicated to the day images. Mark will give a constructive critique to help the attendees relive and reiterate the days teaching.

Who should come – These courses are perfect for Photographers at all levels whether amateur or pro, as Mark takes time out to develop each individual whilst shooting to maximise the experience
What should I bring– Delegates should bring their own cameras as well as any specific equipment to your camera manufacturer, plus bring your own speedlites etc for off camera flash use.
What will we supply– Usually a light lunch (unless stated) and refreshments plus any special equipment including flash, reflectors, radio triggers
When should I book – Now, as places are limited to 15 photographers