The Studio Doctor Will See You Now!

Kenny talks the importance of the shop window with Ben

This month on PT4U we launched the new Studio Doctor series with Portrait Master Kenny Martin.

In the studio doctor films you will see Kenny visiting PhotoTraining4U members, whether the business is on the high street or at their own home. Kenny has been running, teaching and consulting businesses over the last 20 years and knows what it takes to run a successful and profitable photography business. Kenny will diagnose the studios strengths and weaknesses giving his prescription on how to take the business to the next level, looking at not just the business aspects but the photography as well.

In the first of the Studio Doctor visits PT4U member Ben Whitehead’s high street studio. In these films Kenny will look at the studio itself and how that image is just as important as anything, from the shop window through to the viewing room. Kenny advises Ben on how to improve his promotions and choose the right products to increase sales. The visit finished with Kenny helping Ben on how to get more variety from a studio session working on lighting and posing.

You can see the films by clicking HERE

Choosing the right products for you price list is key. Kenny goes through the Loxley Champion Products with Ben.
You can find more information on Loxley Champion products by clicking HERE

Kenny finished the day showing Ben how to make the most of a 20 minute portrait session in the studio.
taken by Kenny

taken by Kenny

taken by Kenny